Logan Miller || Electric guitar / Band manager

Logan is a musician and singer-songwriter in St. Louis MO. 

He has various solo projects including his debut EP "Auburn", and he is also half of the duo Kingly, based in STL. 

Logan brought the EP “We Missed It” together. If you've heard it, then you understand. There's no need for further explanation.



Caleb Mabrey || Electric guitar

Caleb is a singer/songwriter based in St. Louis, Missouri. 

Caleb works part-time as a contract musician, while his main squeeze is touring as production manager to comedian Tim Hawkins.

Caleb is also a part of the STL based band Lalo.



Peter Plank || Bass guitar

Peter is a singer-songwriter and contract musician local to St. Louis.

Peter is the musical adhesive that can be found on every square inch of this project. 

Peter also plays electric guitar in the STL based band Root Mod.




ryan rich || drummer/keys

Ryan is an audio engineer and studio/contract musician in Dallas TX. 

Ryan is the only drummer any of us would ever play with, given the option.

Aside from being an amazing human, Ryan is constantly innovating musically. He'd want you to know this EP would have featured exclusively one and four chords had it not been for him. It's true. And I love him for it.